I am a mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy, and Annelise worked with my daughter as her physical therapist. Annelise is one of the best therapists we've ever worked with. She is one of the most caring, loving, and amazing therapists we could of ever asked for. She is very devoted to all of her clients, and makes an effort to make a connection with everyone she meets. Annelise has made a very big impact on both me and my daughter's lives. I am forever grateful that we have met her, and have had the pleasure of being one of her patients. 
C. Tremper
Annelise worked with my daughter for years. She helped my daughter to achieve high levels of progress. It is very apparent how much Annelise knows and can apply in this field. She was an absolute joy to have on my daughter's team. Anyone who has Annelise on their care team, would be extremely lucky. 
A. Gardner

Annelise worked with my daughter multiple times a week for a year. During that time, my daughter strengthened so many skills, gained new ones, and grew her confidence. Annelise worked hard to incorporate my daughter's interests while also challenging her to push beyond her comfort zones. My daughter still talks about Annelise and I'm still in awe at what amazing work they did together and the wonderful progress my daughter made. 
R. Bundrant
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